I would like to file for divorce in court, but I don’t know where to start and I can’t afford a lawyer. Can the state help me financially?

For several years, points of free legal aid have been run. Currently, free legal aid is available to people who cannot afford paid advice from a lawyer. You can find the nearest point of free legal assistance on the website of the poviat starosty. You can go to such a point, there the lawyer will tell you how to prepare a divorce petition. You can also apply to the court for the appointment of an official representative in the divorce case. The application is of course free of charge. In the application, please indicate the place and date of the application, your data: name, surname, PESEL number and address of residence, mark the court to which we submit the application – in divorce cases, the competent district court is competent for the last joint residence of the spouses, if one of the they still reside in that district. In the application, you must show that you are not able to bear the costs of appointing an attorney-at-law or legal adviser without prejudice to the subsistence necessary for yourself and your family, or incurring them will expose you to such damage.

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The application must be accompanied by a declaration of family status, assets, income and sources of income. The declaration is made according to the template, on the official form available on the website of the Ministry of Justice. You can also attach, for example, a certificate from the employment office on registration as an unemployed person, a certificate of employment with the amount of earnings or PIT for the last year. Sign the application prepared in this way and submit it to the court or send it by registered mail to the court’s address. If the court approves your petition for a divorce petition, of which you will be informed by letter, you will be granted an attorney or solicitor for the divorce proceedings. The designated attorney will draw up a statement of claim for you and will also represent you in court – free of charge of course.

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